Organizational Profile

“LOUG” (word in urdu meaning “people”) is a concept that highlights the real traumas of violence without showing actual violence for a greater effect. It’s based on visual documentation of people, groups or families who have been directly or even indirectly affected from the ongoing wave of terrorism or conflict in Pakistan. Different episodes of documentaries will create a forum for the people to educate the masses and help rehabilitate the effected by showing the  psychological traumas by reaching the grass roots level and how this problem is affecting the human development and growth.


  • To grasp the problem from their grass root level.
  • To create an enabling atmosphere where people are able to come out of their zone of fear & terror through capacity building.
  • To work for community development that enables to establish a progressive civil society.
  • To encourage a circulation of psychological content that would be beneficial in sensitizing the masses towards peace, harmony and social cohesion.


  • To identify the problem from the grass root level.
  • To find a solution by formulating a strategy.
  • To implement the strategy for positive outcome.