“LOUG” (word in Urdu meaning “people”) is a concept that highlights the real traumas of people towards different kinds of violence either it is terrorism or communal. LOUG Trust has been created as a forum for the people to educate the masses and help rehabilitate the effected by addressing the psychological traumas and the problem from the grass roots level, highlighting how the problems are affecting the human development and growth. It aims to build a society that work through social cohesion and taking initiative towards bringing human development and capacity building as a core ingredient for healthy and progressive civil society.

LOUG’S OBJECTIVES: The underlying objectives of LOUG will cater to the elements, which are otherwise neglected in the mainstream society that is creating hindrances for human development and human security, especially the psychological issues. People of Pakistan are often vulnerable due to the negligence of the state and the government policies which are often ‘too little too late’.

The main area of concern for LOUG is:

  • Highlight events/instances otherwise overlooked by the mainstream mass media and society. Shows a picture that depicts the internal conditions of the people affected by terrorism, also the indirect victim that are suffering through different kinds of violence like sectarian violence & target killings.
  • Building an image of Pakistan through positive and spreading content that helps in sensitizing the minds of the  people, falling victims to believing on content that exploits the young and innocent. Sensitizing people where the civilians work for their personal development, making them less vulnerable to negative content.
  • Series of documentaries highlighting people’s psychological traumas and emotionally driven by the loss of the loved ones. Showing people the meaning and importance of peace and tolerance through social cohesion.
  • Touching the grass root level encircling victims and create an enabling atmosphere that would help the people to live their lives normally.
  • Implementing a pull out factor that would help them to come out of their shell of fear and think on the lines of improving their socio – economic conditions.
  • Creating a platform to educate them that would help them see the world with positivity. Also eradicating problems from the grass root level.